5th meeting: German food and international children’s TV shows

On Thursday we also had our fifth meeting which was about German culture and food. Sabrina and me decided to make some (South-West German) food for the others of our EOTO group.

We decided to make “Kässpätzle” which are traditional German homemade noodles (Spätzle) with cheese(Käse) and a “Mohrenkopfkuchen” as dessert which is a cake with chocolate marshmellows as topping which I get every year on my birthday 🙂 (recipe for this cake in Sabrina’s blog entry ;))

It was a funny evening and we were having some beers and talking about the habits in Finland, France and Germany and also about TV shows we have watched as children and which were famous in our three countries.

Last but not least I decided to translate the recipes we have used so you can also cook some German food 🙂

Kässpätzle (for 6 persons)


1 kg Flour
4 Eggs
125 ml Milk
1 Liter Cold Water
750 g Cheese (Emmentaler)
5 Onions

Give flour, eggs, salt, 1/4 l of milk and 1/4 l of cold water into a pot. Stir those ingredients and fill in the rest of the could water and stir until the pastry makes bubbles. Give the pastry time to rest.

While the pastry is resting:

  • Heat up a large pot with salted water
  • Cut the onions into dices and fry them in a pan
  • Heat up the oven on approximately 100° C and put a casserole with a bit of butter into the oven.

As soon as the water is cooking put pastry on a small wooden board scrape small slices of it into the water.  On this video you can see how to do it. ( The funny thing is that she has got a really strong South-West German dialect which makes it even more authentic ;))

When the noodles (Spätzle) are finished take them out with a skimmer.

Now take the warmed casserole and make different layers of ingredients which means one layer of noodles, one layer of cheese and one layer of onions until the casserole is filled. The upper layer should be some cheese.

Now put the casserole into the oven for approximately 20 minutes and take it out when the cheese has melted.

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