Kässpätzle und Mohrenkopfkuchen

In our fifth meeting we cooked dishes which are typical for the southwest of Germany. The main dish was Kässpätzle and the dessert Mohrenkopfkuchen.

Here are the recipes:



The recipe from the Mohrenkopfkuchen is only available in German, so  translated it for you:

1 pt. chocolate marshmallows
250 g quark
1/2 lemons
1 cup of cream
3 packages of cream stabilizer
1 flan case (mixing dough)

Working time: about 20 minutes / Difficulty:. Simple
First seperate the wafers from the chocolate marshmallows. Then put the marshmallows in a bowl and press them small with a fork. Add 250 g quark and the juice of a half lemon and mix everything.
In another bowl, you whip the cream and cream stabilizer until stiff. Fold t
his in the other mass. Put the finished composition on a flan case. Then place the wafers as decoration.


Enjoy your meal!


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