Let’s go Ilves!!

On the 4th meeting we were in a ice hockey game. Ilves (one of the Tampere’s group) played with Kalpa.  Besides this one of my group members had a birthday that day.  🙂 So, during the game we had a lot of interesting topics.


First of all: Alles gutes zum Geburtstag!!! (Happy Birthday)

Then we talked about some basic word :

jéghoki – Icehockey- ice hockey
csapattag – Mitglieder – member of the teamjátékos – Spieler – player
edző –  Trainer – coutch
mez – Trikot – jersey
eredmény – Ausgang – result
bíró – Schiedsrichter – referee

And last but not least: The result was 3:2 –> Es ging drei zu zwei aus. / Három- kettő lett az eredmény.

Also, es hat mir sehr gefallen! 🙂 Danke!


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