Museum Center Vapriikki

On September 30th we had “double meeting”. First we were at our place learning some number stuff etc and after a little break we went to Vapriikki Museum Center with my tutoree and my kids.


I have been in Vapriikki for several times and it still had much to see. There were many different exhibitions:

  • Finnish Pilgrimages of the Middle Ages (was closed at the time)
  • Messengers (Post exhibition)
  • Masks (ice hockey goalie helmets)
  • Ice Hockey
  • Mineral and stones
  • The Natural History
  • Toys
  • Innovations
  • Tammerkoski Rapids
  • Tampere 1918


I can highly recommend everyone to visit Vapriikki. Reserve enough time because the Museum Center is quite large.

  • Open Tue—sun 10–18

10€ adults, 4€ students/children

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