#3 German-Finnish: Carrots and Dips

DSC_3118The third meeting with Paula was a cosy come together at my place. We cut some cucumbers (kurkku) and carrots (porkkana) and had them with yummy dips and fruity tea. We were both a bit ill, so that was the best combination. Besides we listened to some German music and I learned to ask:

Tiedätkö tän biisin? (Do you know this song?)

I think we also had some chocolate, that’s probabaly why I wrote this sentence down:

Minun synti illalle… (My sin for the evening…)

But for the following sentence I don’t know anymore why I wanted to know it from Paula 😉

Miksi sinä olet niin viisas? (Why are you so clever?/ Warum bist du so schlau?)

But of course we also had some more general (I won’t say more useful) vocabulary for example the family tree:

mother – äiti / father – isä / mummo – grandma / vaari – grandpa / lapsi – child / sisko – sister (wow! first time somethings sounds similiar!) / veli – brother …

And one day I hopefully can say: Mä ymmärän kaiken! I unterstand everything!


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