To become smart

I’ll write about our Eoto meeting which occured on 7th of October.

It was time to learn Korean again! This time my personal tutor was Jiyoon. All the things she taught me were new to me so I was struggling a bit during the meeting. At first we started to tackle grammar for “I think it’s…”, “~한 것 같다”. For example, (looking out a window) “I think it’s cold” and “I think it’s difficult”.

The next thing was learning how to say “(subject) becomes (adjective)”, “-아 -어 여지다”. For example “This class became difficult”: “이 수업은 어려워 졌다”. The sentence was my idea because at this point things really got hard!

We also covered how to say you’re good at something and how to ask someone’s favorite celebrity (one of my favorite topics haha).

Last week on 14th we didn’t have a class and we’ll miss it this week too, but we’re planning to hold a meeting on 30th. Maybe an opportunity to throw a Halloween party? We’ll see!

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