4. Finnish dialogs

In this session we met at my place and I translated some simple Finnish dialogs into English.

The dialogs were about: where are you going/ what are you going to do, when and with whom. One was about going to the disco, one to Helsinki, one to the marketplace, one about going to swim at the beach and two other about buying ice-cream. I also translated a text about what a boy is doing over a day.

It was good exercise to repeat my Finnish skills, learn new words and refresh those I already forgot about. I was really surprised I managed that well, because my basic of Finnish course is already 10 weeks in the past. But I guess it helps a lot to hear some of the words from time to time on the street or in the bus when somebody is talking to someone else, even if I don’t understand the context or the rest of the sentence but I can guess what they are talking about.

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