Meeting #1

Meeting 1: Ilves Football 13.09.2015

Dear all,
We are a group of 4 exchange students. Three of us come from Germany and the other one is from Mexico. We got to know each other during our orientation week. As all of us Germans wanted to learn some Spanish and Oscar wanted to learn German, so we formed an Each One Teach One group.
The first meeting we had took place at a football match of the local team Ilves when they played against Mariehamn. During the match we talked about the different types of sports which are famous in Germany and Mexico. Also, I explained Oscar which german team I support and how important football in general is to a lot of Germans. It became obvious that football isn’t as famous in Mexico as it is in Germany. In addition, we tried to explain Oscar some rules he didn’t know and therefore we used some basic Spanish words Oscar taught us before. All in all this meeting was a great success for everybody, as no one got bored and everybody learned something new about the other ones culture and language.

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