Meeting #1 of EOTO

Group members: Changhyun Kwak, Elisa Pekkola, Fabian Binkert
Meeting date:  8th of October
Place: Rauhaniementie 28, Tampere

Today’s topic was Swiss traditional food. I invited all group members as well as Matias and Simonas. I was teaching them how to do Swiss Raclette. There are two ways to prepare that dish: The first and more traditional option is to use a little Raclette oven that looks like this:

Raclette oven

You put one slice of cheese in the little black holders and wait until the cheese is melted. After that you take the cheese and put it over pre cooked potatoes. Now, everyone can add some spices on top of it like paprika or pepper. – That’s it. Simple, easy and good.
As a side dish, Swiss people normally eat cucumbers, small onions, corn and other stuff. As you can see on the pictures above, it is also possible to cook meat or grill vegetables on top of the oven.


As I don’t have an oven in Finland, I prepared the Raclette in a casserole. The following link is a great website that describes a lot of different ways how to do it:



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