Meeting #2 of EOTO

Group members: Changhyun Kwak, Elisa Pekkola, Fabian Binkert
Meeting date:  20th of October
Place: Coffee House at Keskustori, Tampere

Our second meeting was about Finish coffee vocabulary. In the table below you will find all the words that Elisa taught us that evening. However, we had quite a few topics that we discussed at the coffee house. Beside the vocabulary we also talked about business meetings in Switzerland. I said that there are huge differences in the work behavior depending where you work. For example, the people in the French speaking part are much warmer than the employees in the German speaking part of Switzerland. They also take the working goals much more calmer than those living in Zurich or Basel. Furthermore, we talked in general about cultural differences when it comes to business.

Now, let’s practice those words:

chocolate sprinkles suklaa strösseli
muffin muffinssi
cup cake kuppi kakku
coffee kahvi
coffee shop kahvilla
whipped cream kermavaahto
paper napkin lautasliina
table pöytä
spoon lusikka
cup muki
cup of coffee kuppi kahvia
glass lasi
chair tuoli
couch sohva
coffee beans kahvipavut
sugar sokeri
thank you kiitos
your welcome ole hyvä
tea tee
donut donitsi / munkki (covered in sugar)
cookie keksi
one coffe please Yksi kahvi kiitos
let’s go and have a coffee mennään kahville
Let’s go to a bar? mennäänkö baariin?
Do you fancy a coffee? Hast du Lust auf einen Kaffee?
Do you want to go to a bar? Hast du Lust in eine Bar zu gehen?
black sausage (special finish food) mustamakkara
rice pie (special finish food) karjalanpiirakka

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