Bibimbap 비빔밥, snacks and games!

Our 5th meeting began at Venla’s place with a delicious Korean dish called Bibimbap/Bibimbab (비빔밥) prepared by Sohee. It is basically rice (“bab/bap”) with various toppings, such as lettuce, carrots, stir-fried meat, mushroom, egg (a must) and specially prepared hot sauce. Before eating, the rice and its toppings are stirred/ mixed well, because in Korean, “bibida (비비다)” has the meaning of “to mix (food)”. Hence is name, bibim-rice.

During our meal, we also shared our thoughts about the difference rice porridge eaten in Finland and Asian countries. In general, Asians are used to eating rice porridge as a savoury main dish served daily, whereas Finnish rice porridge are traditionally boiled with milk and served sweet with sugar, cinnamon or even berries. Just as they say, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”, it might take quite the effort to appreciate something that’s done differently in another country. Nevertheless, I have always enjoyed conversations about food and since Christmas season is coming, we extended it to glühwein and glögi while munching on sumptuous lebkuchen, a German Christmas treat similar to gingerbread, brought by Bianca.

Sohee introduced us to a game using the “rock, paper, scissors” method and just like the good Each One Teach One students we are, there was an added twist: We have to say in Finnish, Spanish or Korean, which it must not be in our own native language. There were plenty of glitches in the beginning, but with some practice, it went well…until we had sweaty palms, sore legs, arms and back because everyone was too good at playing the game.

As it was getting a little late in the evening, we had a quick round of Spanish studiesabout the difference between the verb form “to be” – “ser” and “estar”.  We have also planned our next meeting to coincide with one of the most important days in México — in which I will write in the next post.

Blog post and illustration by: Chrystal Giam, 13Media

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