Meeting #2 in the jäähalli

Date: Sunday, 6 September 2015

While walking through the city last week, I suddenly spotted an advertisement of the ice hockey game from Tappara, one of the two local Teams here in Tampere, against EV Zug from Switzerland. The both teams had to play against each other because they are in the same group in the Ice Hockey Champions League, where the best teams from all over Europe meet.

Particularly because Luuk told me that he has never seen an ice hockey game, I really wanted to attend this game with him.


Because ice hockey is not only in Finland but also in Switzerland a very popular sport, I often go to the games of our local team in Langenthal, my hometown. For this reason, I am very familiar with the whole game and its rules.

Throughout the game I tried to explain Luuk as much as possible about this sport. Compared to football, ice hockey is very rough but thanks to the speed and constant movement very interesting to watch.


Because it was an international competition, all the announcements of the speaker were also told in English, which is very helpful. It often happens that the referees interrupt the game and a player concedes a penalty for several possible unfair actions.

I think that I successfully introduced a part of the Finnish and Swiss sports-culture to Luuk today. I’m pretty sure, that if Luuk will ever see an ice hockey game again, he will have now a basic knowledge, which makes it more interesting to follow the sport.

Although the Swiss side lost the game with 1-3, I really enjoyed our second meeting in a cool atmosphere. Looking forward to the next meeting!

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