1st meeting, Russian-Finnish

IMG_0973 IMG_0974 IMG_0975IMG_0976IMG_0986 IMG_0987Before our first meeting I and Emma were agreed that we will change each other from lesson to lesson, it meens that firstly I will start to teach her Russian and next time Emma will give me Finnish lesson.

We have started with the russian alphabet. In my opinion the most visual and demonstrative sourse could be child’s book, because it is colorful and goodly. It was quite usefull to see related word near the each letter. Also we clarify pronansiation of each letter, some of them were not simple for Emma and this fact was very funny for us.

Our second step was numbers from 0 to 10, as it was in my second child’s book. We also wrote associated words and how they should be pronaunced.

In fact it was lesson dedicated to Russian language, but we decided that I speak Finnish and in the case of ignorance any word could say in English – great benefit for me! At same time I trained my spoken Finnish.

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