Meeting 2: Tappara – EV Zug

When we were thinking about what to do during our second meeting, Florian came with the idea to watch an ice hockey match, since there was a Swiss team playing in Tampere for the Champions League. I immediately agreed with this idea, since I have never attended an ice hockey match, and also don’t have any idea about the rules, so this would be a good way to learn something about the sport.


Ice hockey is also a big sport in Switzerland, so Florian already knew a lot about the sport and the team Tappara was playing against, which was EV Zug. The first thing I thought when I entered the stadium was that I really liked the atmosphere, with the dancing cheerleaders and the mascot which was walking around the whole time. As soon as the teams entered the ice there was a great show with music and lights, which I also kind of expected on beforehand. I really enjoyed this kind of entrance.

During the game it was kind of hard to follow for me, because it is all going really fast, and I had no idea why the referee blew on his whistle when he did so. Florian tried to explain me some things about the game, which was really helpful. In the end I was able to enjoy the game a bit more, but it was still hard for me to really understand what was happening. Because the game is that fast and hard, it makes it also easier to enjoy, because there is always happening something.

It was nice to see my first ice hockey match in my life. It is definitely something that I want to do once again. It is good to see some new sports which we are not really familiar with in Holland.

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