Finnish food Tasting and Learning!

That evening we meet at Emilia’s appartment and taste some finnish dishes, such as smashed potatos, Karelian Pasty with eggs and butter, homemade meat balls and Pyynikki Donuts. We also taste Salmiakki Liqueur before having dinner, some of us could handle it, but as well as the candy it was too strong for me, but it’s always good to be open to new things.
I had already tasted most of the dishes before, but for some reason I enjoyed them more this time, I even tryed to cook karelians myself but it wasn’t the same, those are something I think I will miss when I return back home.
After Dinner, Pao handed spanish – finnish learning sheets, and as we are a large group we spend most of the time explaining the new words to each others.

DSC01366 DSC01371 DSC01373 DSC01376

I learnt a lot of new vocabulary, but is still very difficult for me to understand some grammar issues in the finnish language, another thing I found difficult was to explain grammatical things of my native language to others. I believe it was because as a native speaker you don’t think logicly as you talk, and when it comes to explaining it you end up confusing yourself and the person you are teaching. Although this was good in a way because now I will be more careful in the way I teach in order to be more understandable.

Overall was a nice learning evening!

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