Meeting number 6: привет!

Today Julia, SlIMG_0542[1]ava, Alina, Alex, Sabrina and me met at one of the Wayne’s Coffees and had our first russian lesson.

As our russian team members were prepared so well Sabrina, Alex and me had the opportunity to learn quite a lot.  We decided to start with the russian alphabet which was quite complicated for me. All the turned letters that mean something total different and the sometimes very difficult pronounciation (ш is sch, б is csch, ч is also ch?) confused me very much 😀 We also learnt the numbers from 1-10 of which I remember #1 best because it is called like an old god: odin.

Sabrina and me also taught the others also a bit of German for example the German alphabet and while we were doing this we have noticed that the german word “Uhr” has a really strange pronounciation 😉

I really enjoyed today’s meeting and I am looking forward to the next one 🙂


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