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Meeting 2: Tappara – EV Zug

When we were thinking about what to do during our second meeting, Florian came with the idea to watch an ice hockey match, since there was a Swiss team playing in Tampere for the Champions League. I immediately agreed with this idea, since I have never attended an ice hockey match, and also don’t have any idea about the rules, so this would be a good way to learn something about the sport.


Ice hockey is also a big sport in Switzerland, so Florian already knew a lot about the sport and the team Tappara was playing against, which was EV Zug. The first thing I thought when I entered the stadium was that I really liked the atmosphere, with the dancing cheerleaders and the mascot which was walking around the whole time. As soon as the teams entered the ice there was a great show with music and lights, which I also kind of expected on beforehand. I really enjoyed this kind of entrance.

During the game it was kind of hard to follow for me, because it is all going really fast, and I had no idea why the referee blew on his whistle when he did so. Florian tried to explain me some things about the game, which was really helpful. In the end I was able to enjoy the game a bit more, but it was still hard for me to really understand what was happening. Because the game is that fast and hard, it makes it also easier to enjoy, because there is always happening something.

It was nice to see my first ice hockey match in my life. It is definitely something that I want to do once again. It is good to see some new sports which we are not really familiar with in Holland.

1st meeting: FC Ilves – HJK Helsinki

After writing our preliminary plan, we were both excited about the course, and thinking about thinks we could do during our meetings. As a first meeting we decided to do something that we are both interested in, so we bought tickets for the football match of FC Ilves against HJK Helsinki. It was a good way to start our Each One Teach One course, because we could talk about a shared interest at first, instead of teaching each other a specific thing about our culture.


It was a nice and sunny day to spend in the stadium of FC Ilves, and the best thing was that Ilves also won the game against the number one of the league. The game was actually better than we both expected. We even recognized some of the players, which makes it always more interesting to watch.

We decided to learn some German/Dutch during the game. In this way we are able combine a nice activity with actually learning something about Switzerland. Some words I learned during the match are, for example:

  • Referee : Schiedsrichter
  • Football pitch : Spielfeld
  • Goal : Tor
  • Offside: Abseits
  • Linesman : Linienrichter
  • Players : (Fussball)spieler

It was a good way to start our Each One Teach One course, and hope that some nice meetings will follow this one.

Finnish night!

With our Whats app chatting, we decided to have a Finnish night in Emilia’s place.

So we met in her place on 22. Sep.

They prepared so much food for us.

There were lihapyörykkä(meat ball), perunamuusia(mashed potato),

munavoi(egg salad), monki(donut) ect.

Everything was so delicious.

And eating monki, we tried to eat without getting sugar on our mouth

like Finnish! 🙂


After that we learned about Spanish from Sofia and paola.

With very good paper, we can learn about the pronounces of spanish.

Especially, practicing tung twister was funny.






Meeting #3

Meeting 3: Burger Restaurant 03.10.2015

Dear all,
For our third meeting we met at the burger restaurant “Jack the Rooster” as we were told that it is one of the best burger restaurants in Tampere. We met in front of the restaurant and when we saw each other, we tried to use the things we have learned and tried to introduce our self in spanish and Oscar in german. It was still quite hard, but we managed to do so. While eating our very delicious burgers, we talked about different things like our experiences in the university or things we did during the last days. After some time we taught each other again how to order food in spanish/ german. In addition, we tried again to explain some basic things in spanish and we tried to explain Oscar how to pronounce some very difficult german words. Afterwards we went home again by bus and talked about the things we have learned. This was again a very funny and interesting meeting and I personally learned a lot about being with students from other countries and especially about the spanish language.

First meeting and Mexican independence party!

Yes. So Late posting it is. haha

Team member : Sohee, Pao, Sofia, Venla, Ami, Julius, Christal, Jenna, Emilia, Bianca

It’s about our team’s first meeting and Mexican independence day party.

We had a first meeting at  in the cafe near the Keskustori.

At the first meeting, we decided our plan and kinda theme.

Our team have quite diverse nationality.(Finland, Malaysia, Mexico, Germany, South Korea)

But Everyone want to learn a Spanish.

So basically Pao and Sofia will teach Spanish on every meeting,

and each meeting will be decided about which country we will focus on.

With that decision, we will share the culture, food or language and so on at that meeting.

For example, on Next meeting we planed to go to Mexican independence party.

Sofia, Paola and other mexican people organized the party.

We could eat so many kinds of mexican food like Quesadilla.

With mexican friends, we could learn some mexican culture.

To me, the most impressive thing was that Spanish guy was enjoying the mexican independence party.

It’s really different cultural experiences to me,

and made me think about international culture much deeper than before.

By the way, the party was so funny, happy and kind!

Meeting #2 in the jäähalli

Date: Sunday, 6 September 2015

While walking through the city last week, I suddenly spotted an advertisement of the ice hockey game from Tappara, one of the two local Teams here in Tampere, against EV Zug from Switzerland. The both teams had to play against each other because they are in the same group in the Ice Hockey Champions League, where the best teams from all over Europe meet.

Particularly because Luuk told me that he has never seen an ice hockey game, I really wanted to attend this game with him.


Because ice hockey is not only in Finland but also in Switzerland a very popular sport, I often go to the games of our local team in Langenthal, my hometown. For this reason, I am very familiar with the whole game and its rules.

Throughout the game I tried to explain Luuk as much as possible about this sport. Compared to football, ice hockey is very rough but thanks to the speed and constant movement very interesting to watch.


Because it was an international competition, all the announcements of the speaker were also told in English, which is very helpful. It often happens that the referees interrupt the game and a player concedes a penalty for several possible unfair actions.

I think that I successfully introduced a part of the Finnish and Swiss sports-culture to Luuk today. I’m pretty sure, that if Luuk will ever see an ice hockey game again, he will have now a basic knowledge, which makes it more interesting to follow the sport.

Although the Swiss side lost the game with 1-3, I really enjoyed our second meeting in a cool atmosphere. Looking forward to the next meeting!

Meeting #1: Jalkapallo!

Date: Sunday, 30 August 2015

To start with our each one teach one course, Luuk and I bought tickets for the football game from tampere’s football club Ilves against HIFK Helsinki. The first team of Ilves currently plays in the Veikkausliiga, the highest football division in Finland. We taught to start with something we both really like and know from our home-countries, watching football, would be the perfect start for us. And it actually was!

The Tammela stadium was nearly sold out, the weather was perfect, and the level of the Finnish football was much better than we both expected.


By this occasion I didn’t want to learn only something about Luuk’s football interests, but also some Dutch words referring to football…

Stadium = Stadion
Football pitch = Voetbalveld
Players = Spelers
Goal = Doel
Corner = Corner
Freekick = Vrije trap

Even tough I am aware that I will probably never get forced to prove  Dutch language skills, I always really like it if I understand/know some words in several different languages. It was very funny to recognize that a few Dutch words have huge similarities with the German words. Usually the only difference lies in the pronunciation.

The game was truly entertaining and the time just flew by. It was a superb experience for me and a successful start of our course! More to come – moi moi.

Bibimbap 비빔밥, snacks and games!

Our 5th meeting began at Venla’s place with a delicious Korean dish called Bibimbap/Bibimbab (비빔밥) prepared by Sohee. It is basically rice (“bab/bap”) with various toppings, such as lettuce, carrots, stir-fried meat, mushroom, egg (a must) and specially prepared hot sauce. Before eating, the rice and its toppings are stirred/ mixed well, because in Korean, “bibida (비비다)” has the meaning of “to mix (food)”. Hence is name, bibim-rice.

During our meal, we also shared our thoughts about the difference rice porridge eaten in Finland and Asian countries. In general, Asians are used to eating rice porridge as a savoury main dish served daily, whereas Finnish rice porridge are traditionally boiled with milk and served sweet with sugar, cinnamon or even berries. Just as they say, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”, it might take quite the effort to appreciate something that’s done differently in another country. Nevertheless, I have always enjoyed conversations about food and since Christmas season is coming, we extended it to glühwein and glögi while munching on sumptuous lebkuchen, a German Christmas treat similar to gingerbread, brought by Bianca.

Sohee introduced us to a game using the “rock, paper, scissors” method and just like the good Each One Teach One students we are, there was an added twist: We have to say in Finnish, Spanish or Korean, which it must not be in our own native language. There were plenty of glitches in the beginning, but with some practice, it went well…until we had sweaty palms, sore legs, arms and back because everyone was too good at playing the game.

As it was getting a little late in the evening, we had a quick round of Spanish studiesabout the difference between the verb form “to be” – “ser” and “estar”.  We have also planned our next meeting to coincide with one of the most important days in México — in which I will write in the next post.

Blog post and illustration by: Chrystal Giam, 13Media

Kahvilassa / En la cafetería

Study material provided by Ani.

For the 4th meeting, we had to split up our EOTO group to meet up at a different time that was suitable for everyone. Therefore, last Thursday (22.10.15) I met up with Sofia, Jenna and Ani at Pala Cafe located in Siperia Finlayson. It was befitting that Ani prepared for us a list of sentences in English, Finnish, Spanish and German to use in a coffee place.

For example:

Saisinko espresson/mustan kahvin/maitokahvin?
Un café exprés/un café solo/un café con leche, por favor.

Tekisittekö minulle kinkku-/kana-/metvursti-/juustovoileivän?
¿Podría hacerme un sandwich de jamón/de pollo/de salchichón/de queso?

Through this, we talked about using polite forms in Finnish, used when talking to the elderly or when you want to be really polite, e.g. tekisittekö (could you please make…). But to avoid sounding strange to your family or friends, I believe voisitko/voitko tehdä is more commonly used.  It’s a little hard to remember how to use these polite forms, though my impression is that as long as there is kiitos after a request/asking favour or rejecting an offer, then it is all good 🙂

Besides learning to say things at a coffee place, we also learnt berry names in both Finnish and Spanish, as well as some exclamatory words, e.g. genial, vaya, qué triste (Spanish), mahtava, upeeta, voi ei, voi harmi (Finnish). Personally, I think it’s very useful to learn exclamatory words to enrich our conversations in foreign languages, regardless of our skill levels.

We ended our meeting with a simple game, which is a familiar childhood game for all of us. In México, they call it “Ahorcado” and in Finland, it’s called “Hirsipuu”. For English-speakers, it is simply “Hangman”, as shown in the photo above.

Our 1.5 hour meeting was short but still good. While I like having a big group of friends to experience cultural nights, I think 4-5 people is a much more comfortable size for efficient language study. On to our next meeting — Korean food and language learning!

Blog post by: Chrystal Giam, 13Media

Kivi, paperi, sakset! … and the same in Korean

Today we had our fifth meeting at my place. The evening was not hosted by me though, since we had a Korean night. Sohee came to my place a little early to prepare us bibimbab (which was delicious by the way :)) I was proud of myself for handling the heat – I can still say that I like spicy food 😀 Sohee had also made us little cards with our names in them in korean. Cute!

After that we played a game Sohee said is pretty common in korea, which is based on Rock, paper, scissors. It’s a bit hard to explain, but it contains a lot of uncomfrotable positions, some hand-slapping and a lot of laughter. We mixed it up a little by always having to say the “rock-paper-scissors”- part in a another language. For example us finns had to say it either in korean: “gawi-bawi-bo” (geez I hope that’s somewhere near right) or in spanish: “piedra-papel-tijera”. It was fun!

Lastly, Pao taught us about the meanings and differences of spanish verbs ser and estar. As usual, Paola had made us a wonderful paper (or picture) with explanations and examples. I think it was actually the simplest thing we have learned so far, and still I’ll probably have problems with it 😀 Baby steps!

Me and Sohee both hurt ourselves while preparing the food 😀 Toothpaste and bandages to the rescue!
I got to escape the game and eat candy for the sake of this picture (not staged at all)

All in all, it was nice to get to know korean culture and more of our group. A lovely evening! WP_20151027_18_46_36_Pro