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Meeting at Pala cafe

For our fourth meeting, the 10 of us had to split to two groups. Both meetings took place at Pala cafe, and our meeting consisted out of me, Emilia, Sohee and Paola.

Sohee taught us some very basic things about korean language. For example we learned that the korean numbers are pretty easy to learn, but the way words are pretty hard to form or write – at least for us westerns. 😀

Then we learned some funny things about the finnish language. For example I recommend everyone to look up Kuusi palaa – it has so many meanings. The girls thought it was pretty funny. The finnish language has never felt weird or funny to me, but now that I am trying to teach it, I cann see their point.


Meeting #2

Meeting 2: Watching Champions League 30.09.2015


Dear all,

Our second meeting took place at the sports bar Soho which is located in the center of Tampere. We took the bus together to get there. After our first meeting, Oscar was more interested about German football and how emotional this can be for some supporters. That’s why we decided to watch my favourite team Borussia Mönchengladbach playing Champions League against Manchester City.

This time, the Germans tried to use the Spanish words we learned in the first meeting to explain the rules again. After that, we taught Oscar some simple german words, that he was able to order something in german, because the barkeeper could speak german as well. Again, it was a very successful meeting for all of us. We learned some new words and we got to know each other a bit better.

Some words I have learned:

ball – la pelota

referee – el referi

offside – fuera de juego

player – el jugador

keeper – el portero


The fourth meeting: Korean class

07/10/2015                                                                                                                                           TAMK

On the 7th Oct, we had the fourth meeting in the TAMK library. Jimin Han who is a pretty and quite Korean girl taught us basic Korean, and Jiyong who is a pretty and cute Korean gril taught Maria advanced Korean because Maria learnt some Korean before.

We have not reviewed consonants and vowels before this meeting, so it shall be hard for us to learn the pronunciation of new words, finally Jimin taught us how to make self-introduction and how to say the number from 1 to 9 in Korean on that meeting. What I learnt in that class is listed as follows.

hello (안녕, 안녕하세요)

my name is ~ (내 이름은~)

I am from ~ (나는 ~에서 왔어요)

Here is my brief self-introduction.

안녕, 나는 탕페이 리우야. 나는 중국인이야. 나는 21살이야. 만나서 반가워.

In English, it is that hello, I am Tengfei Liu, I am from China and I am 21 years old, nice to meet you.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10                                                             일,이,삼,사,오,육/륙,칠,팔,구,십.

Although Korean is somehow difficult to master, where there is a way, there is a wall, I will spare no efforts to study it. There will be a deeper and long-termed corporation between China and South Korea in the future, therefore, knowing some Korean is becoming more and more significant.

In addition, we planned to organize a food party at next meeting, I firmly believe I could taste some classical Korean, Finnish, and Vietnamese dishes. I am looking forward to tasting their delicious foods and I will prepare wonderful Chinese foods too.

Additionally, I am able to adhere the original plan completely. I speak highly to Jimin Han and Jiyoon Kim, thank you a lot.



Meeting #1

Meeting 1: Ilves Football 13.09.2015

Dear all,
We are a group of 4 exchange students. Three of us come from Germany and the other one is from Mexico. We got to know each other during our orientation week. As all of us Germans wanted to learn some Spanish and Oscar wanted to learn German, so we formed an Each One Teach One group.
The first meeting we had took place at a football match of the local team Ilves when they played against Mariehamn. During the match we talked about the different types of sports which are famous in Germany and Mexico. Also, I explained Oscar which german team I support and how important football in general is to a lot of Germans. It became obvious that football isn’t as famous in Mexico as it is in Germany. In addition, we tried to explain Oscar some rules he didn’t know and therefore we used some basic Spanish words Oscar taught us before. All in all this meeting was a great success for everybody, as no one got bored and everybody learned something new about the other ones culture and language.

Meeting #2 of EOTO

Group members: Changhyun Kwak, Elisa Pekkola, Fabian Binkert
Meeting date:  20th of October
Place: Coffee House at Keskustori, Tampere

Our second meeting was about Finish coffee vocabulary. In the table below you will find all the words that Elisa taught us that evening. However, we had quite a few topics that we discussed at the coffee house. Beside the vocabulary we also talked about business meetings in Switzerland. I said that there are huge differences in the work behavior depending where you work. For example, the people in the French speaking part are much warmer than the employees in the German speaking part of Switzerland. They also take the working goals much more calmer than those living in Zurich or Basel. Furthermore, we talked in general about cultural differences when it comes to business.

Now, let’s practice those words:

chocolate sprinkles suklaa strösseli
muffin muffinssi
cup cake kuppi kakku
coffee kahvi
coffee shop kahvilla
whipped cream kermavaahto
paper napkin lautasliina
table pöytä
spoon lusikka
cup muki
cup of coffee kuppi kahvia
glass lasi
chair tuoli
couch sohva
coffee beans kahvipavut
sugar sokeri
thank you kiitos
your welcome ole hyvä
tea tee
donut donitsi / munkki (covered in sugar)
cookie keksi
one coffe please Yksi kahvi kiitos
let’s go and have a coffee mennään kahville
Let’s go to a bar? mennäänkö baariin?
Do you fancy a coffee? Hast du Lust auf einen Kaffee?
Do you want to go to a bar? Hast du Lust in eine Bar zu gehen?
black sausage (special finish food) mustamakkara
rice pie (special finish food) karjalanpiirakka

Meeting #1 of EOTO

Group members: Changhyun Kwak, Elisa Pekkola, Fabian Binkert
Meeting date:  8th of October
Place: Rauhaniementie 28, Tampere

Today’s topic was Swiss traditional food. I invited all group members as well as Matias and Simonas. I was teaching them how to do Swiss Raclette. There are two ways to prepare that dish: The first and more traditional option is to use a little Raclette oven that looks like this:

Raclette oven

You put one slice of cheese in the little black holders and wait until the cheese is melted. After that you take the cheese and put it over pre cooked potatoes. Now, everyone can add some spices on top of it like paprika or pepper. – That’s it. Simple, easy and good.
As a side dish, Swiss people normally eat cucumbers, small onions, corn and other stuff. As you can see on the pictures above, it is also possible to cook meat or grill vegetables on top of the oven.


As I don’t have an oven in Finland, I prepared the Raclette in a casserole. The following link is a great website that describes a lot of different ways how to do it:



4. Finnish dialogs

In this session we met at my place and I translated some simple Finnish dialogs into English.

The dialogs were about: where are you going/ what are you going to do, when and with whom. One was about going to the disco, one to Helsinki, one to the marketplace, one about going to swim at the beach and two other about buying ice-cream. I also translated a text about what a boy is doing over a day.

It was good exercise to repeat my Finnish skills, learn new words and refresh those I already forgot about. I was really surprised I managed that well, because my basic of Finnish course is already 10 weeks in the past. But I guess it helps a lot to hear some of the words from time to time on the street or in the bus when somebody is talking to someone else, even if I don’t understand the context or the rest of the sentence but I can guess what they are talking about.

The 3rd meeting, wie heiβst du?

For the 3rd time (at the end of September, I’m late with my posts..) we met at a café to learn German 🙂 It was a long time ago I studied this language but I was happy to notice how quickly the things came back to mind with a little repetition. It’s so nice to learn with native speakers so you get to hear the exactly correct way of pronunciation. We studied numbers, basic introduction and dialogs and after practiced those a bit. Here’s my introduction:

– Wie heiβst du?
– Mein name ist Jaana.
– Woher kommst du?
– Ich komme aus Finnland.
– Wie alt bist du?
– Ich bin 23 (dreiundzwanzig) Jahre alt.

Meeting #6: O´Zapft is! HANA ON AUKI! Grifo está abierto!

After some very excellent Mexican food the week before, it was now our turn to introduce Oscar to the magnificent german (mostly bavarian) world of meals!

We tried to explain him how important fairs like the Oktoberfest or Cannstatter Wasen, are for our social and cultural life, but also how much they influence our image in the world. So as we have pre-estimated stereotypes of Mexicans, they also have them for us. The most typical might be the one of Lederhosen wearing and Sauerkraut eating, too thick guys that have mostly no sense of humor. But I think we already busted that myth during the several meetings before… at least we hoped so 😀

DSC_0086 DSC_0087
So to experience our very own little Oktoberfest we were going to Plevna restaurant next to Fynlaison, ate some typical German meals and of course enjoyed some very good beer. This time we talked a lot about German culture and tradition, which was really nice since we all had something different from our own areas that we could talk about. I think it was also very interesting for Oscar to see how variable German culture is and I guess it also helped him to decide which places he really should visit during his (almost) planned trip to Germany.