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4th meeting and learning Korean

Hello again

Our 4th meeting took place at Pala cafe in Siperia Finlayson. We only had four people from our group, two Finns, one Mexican and Korean. We had coffee and hot chocolate and our Korean friend Sohee taught us some basic and useful korean words and sentences. It was really interesting to hear how the language and grammar works but hard to remember the words we learned.


Sohee wrote down the numbers for us in english alphabets based on how they are pronounced.

After that we looked at some Finnish tongue twisters. We talked about them in our last meeting but I found some more and with pictures it was easier to explain what we meant at the last meeting.


That was one of the lists we used. It was even hard for us that are native in Finnish.

Looking forward to the next meeting:) -Emilia

Schoko schoko schokolade

Our fifth meeting was at Hungarians place, because we wanted to cook a cake. So the plan was Schokoladenkuchen!

Wir backen einer leckeren Kuchen. / We are baking a cake.
We need some Zutaten:

Eier                      tojás                      egg
Milch                    tej                          milk
Butter                   vaj                        butter

And woalaaaa Es ist fertig :IMG_20151010_150026

We discussed what we used for cooking:

Löffel                                   kanál                      spoon
Schüssel                            tál                            bowl
Ofen                                     sütő                         oven
Schneebesen                    keverő                   egg wisk
Back form                          sütő forma           cake pan
Schokoladenguss          csokimáz                chocolate icing

It was delicious!! 🙂

Fifth meetings : Teaching Korean

On the 7th Oct, we had a fifth meetings in the library. I and Jiyoon taught Korean to members and talked about some K-pop, K-movie and celebrities.

This day, I taught self-introduction expression in Korean to Bui Hai Yen, Tengfei Liu, Wenquan Chen. Yen already knew some expression such as hello (안녕, 안녕하세요),  my name is ~ (내 이름은~), I’m from ~ (나는 ~에서 왔어요) and etc.  But Tengfei and Wenquan just knew how to say hello. So at first, I taught them ‘Hi’, ‘My name is~’, ‘I’m from~’ including how to pronunciate the words and sentences. And then I taught how to say cardinal and ordinal number in order to say age. And we also talked about each other’s hobby and try to say them in Korean.

After we talked about some K-pop singer, K-movie and celebrities. Hai Yen and Maria have already watched some K-movies and among of them, my favorite movie and drama! To me, it was always little bit amazing and surprised that people in other country knew our culture and celebrities. Next Korean class I want to talk about our culture instead of just teaching language!! And we plan food party the last day of oct and I really expected it 🙂

#4 Reading Russian Fairy Tale 5.10


We met at 4:00 p.m, and eating dinner at school and we talked about our country.  We talked about sing-room, which is karaoke. In korea, there are independent rooms for group. However, all of western coutries have just stage. It’s very new to me.

After eating and talking, we printed Russian Fairy tale that about Ivan. Actually, when I was young, I read a lot of book serises about Ivan Brothers. So that fairy tale was so interested to me. Yura and me read the stories for Russian, and Daria checked our pronounciation. It’s little bit difficult, but it was so fun. At last, Daria read all story in Russian for us, it was so good. Russian pronounciation is so soft and interesting. I hope I can read Russian more fluently.

ivan fairy tale

#4 German-Finnish: Kanelikavhi

Kahvi in a super cute waffle shop

Kahvi in a super cute waffle shop

For our next EOTO meeting Sonja and me went to a really cute waffle shop, they had a large collection of tea as well but we decided for the special coffees:

Kanelikahvi (cinnamon coffee) & Kardemummakahvi (cardamom coffee)

We did some repetition from the last time for the vocabulary of weekdays, months and we learned the Finnish and German words for the seasons:

kevät – Frühling – spring

kesä – Sommer – summer

syksy – Herbst – autumn

talvi – Winter

And I could ask Sonja “Milloin sinun syntymäpäivä on?” (When is your birthday?) – “Helmikuula” (In february). Additionally I taught Sonja the four falls in German: Nominativ, Genetiv, Dativ and Akkusativ and all the necessary articles for it. And because it was Monday I learned also:

Minulla on yhä krapula! – I still have a hangover – Ich habe immer noch einen Kater!


3rd meeting and Finnish night

Hello again!

Our group had our 3rd meeting couple weeks ago (again late with posting, sorry). We held our meeting at my apartment in Kaleva. We have four Finns in our group so Finnish night was really good idea. We all made some food. We had Perunamuusi (mashed potatoes), Lihapullat (meatballs), Karjalan piirakka (Karelian pastries), Puolukkahillo (lingonberry jam), Munavoi (egg-butter) , Munkki (doughnut) and Salmiakki vodka. We wanted to have Salmiakki as a candy but we kind of forgot that but because we had that vodka we got everyone to try Salmiakki in some form.


First we started by Salmiakki vodka and then we ate. Everyone seemed to like our mostly homemade food. Karealian pastries and doughnuts were all bought fresh from somewhere. All night we played Finnish songs from Spotify and we talked about Haloo Helsinki songs and Antti Tuisku. We also tried to translate Antti Tuisku’s song Keinutaan in English. All of our foods had name tags next to them and there you could see the foods’ name in Finnish, English and Spanish.


After eating and everything else Paola and Sofia taught us some Spanish. They had made a list of some words and tongue twisters. It was really fun night. Next meeting will be tonight and tomorrow night. Because of nine different busy schedules we had to split into two groups and meet like that this time.


4. Meeting

The topic for this meeting was sport. So we decided to play badminton at first and then talking a bit. Actually we are just three people but this week my boyfriend was visiting me. So we were four people which made it a bit easier to play. After 1 hour of playing all of us were a bit exhausted and hungry so we had some dinner in the cafeteria again.

It appeared that the main sports in Austria are winter sports like ski jumping or skiing. In Germany I am watching this in the TV just sometimes so I knew just a few names.

In Germany the most common sport is football of course. So we were thinking which kind of sports are after football. And of course there is basketball, handball and so on. But none of them is that common as football.

Antti told us that ice hockey (=jää kiekko) is far and away the most popular sport here Finland. Also very favored is rally (=ralli). To be honest I’ve never heard about it before. I just knew Formel 1. But here are also some funny/ strange sports like wife carrying (= eukon kanto) and sauna championship which is banned meanwhile because somebody already died during the competition.


3. Meeting

We decided to take this meeting easy and just met up in the afternoon at the cafeteria to have some dinner together. Every time it is pretty hard again to find a date for us.

So we took the food and had a sit. For this day the topic was tourism in the own country. So we were talking about things/ places to do/ visit in Germany, Austria and Finland.

We started talking about highlights from Austria. Chen made a handout with some pictures and also a few German sentences. We also spoke about the attractions in German. And again it was nice to see that Antti can at least understand the main thing from them and even could ask some questions in German about it. Some of them were new for me as well (even if I am living next to this country I haven’t visit it that much). After this we went over to talk about some tourist hot spots in Germany. And again we could talk some German!
At least Antti was introducing us some nice places to visit here in Finland (like Aland or Hämeenlinna). And we were also talking about the National Parks. You can find a lot of them here (39 in total). He also gave us the tip that the easiest way to get to them is by car. Good to now!

So after being a couple of hours sitting together everybody had a main idea what to do in this countries when you are visiting them.



#3 German-Finnish: Carrots and Dips

DSC_3118The third meeting with Paula was a cosy come together at my place. We cut some cucumbers (kurkku) and carrots (porkkana) and had them with yummy dips and fruity tea. We were both a bit ill, so that was the best combination. Besides we listened to some German music and I learned to ask:

Tiedätkö tän biisin? (Do you know this song?)

I think we also had some chocolate, that’s probabaly why I wrote this sentence down:

Minun synti illalle… (My sin for the evening…)

But for the following sentence I don’t know anymore why I wanted to know it from Paula 😉

Miksi sinä olet niin viisas? (Why are you so clever?/ Warum bist du so schlau?)

But of course we also had some more general (I won’t say more useful) vocabulary for example the family tree:

mother – äiti / father – isä / mummo – grandma / vaari – grandpa / lapsi – child / sisko – sister (wow! first time somethings sounds similiar!) / veli – brother …

And one day I hopefully can say: Mä ymmärän kaiken! I unterstand everything!


To become smart

I’ll write about our Eoto meeting which occured on 7th of October.

It was time to learn Korean again! This time my personal tutor was Jiyoon. All the things she taught me were new to me so I was struggling a bit during the meeting. At first we started to tackle grammar for “I think it’s…”, “~한 것 같다”. For example, (looking out a window) “I think it’s cold” and “I think it’s difficult”.

The next thing was learning how to say “(subject) becomes (adjective)”, “-아 -어 여지다”. For example “This class became difficult”: “이 수업은 어려워 졌다”. The sentence was my idea because at this point things really got hard!

We also covered how to say you’re good at something and how to ask someone’s favorite celebrity (one of my favorite topics haha).

Last week on 14th we didn’t have a class and we’ll miss it this week too, but we’re planning to hold a meeting on 30th. Maybe an opportunity to throw a Halloween party? We’ll see!