5th meeting: Austrian dish „Schinkenfleckerl“

Actually we wanted to meet up at Lapinkaari for this meeting, but due to the fact that Lisa’s shared apartment would be way more convenient for this occasion (she doesn’t have to share her common kitchen with 25+ people) we decided to meet up at her place to cook some austrian dish.

The recipe goes as follows:


4 portion

400 g             “Fleckerl”/Pasta

300 g             ham

2                    garlic cloves

1                     onion

100g              sour cream

100g              double cream

3 TS                olive oil

2 TS                parsley (cut)





“Kinkkupasta” (as Antti would name it)

4 annosta

400 g             pastaa

300 g             kinkkua

2                    valkosipulin kynttä (garlic’s claw)

1                     sipuli

100g              smetanaa

1dl                  ruokakermaa

3 rkl               oliiviölyä

2 rkl                persiljaa (leikattu)




The pasta you usually would use for this recipe looks like this:


In Austria they apparently think this form it looks like a “Fleckerl”, a little spot/stain/fleck, so that’s why this dish is called “ham spots”. Unfortunately one cant purchase this pasta form at Lidl, I therefore just bought Farfalle.

This dish only takes 10-15 minutes and is quite easy to prepare. Just put the pasta into hot salted water and let it cook. Medium heat, usually takes about 8-15 minutes. Meanwhile one put some olive oil into a pan, put the chopped garlic and onion in there, brown them. Then add the ham and last but not the least the sour and double cream. Refine with parsley, salt and pepper. When the pasta is ready, mix up this creamy sauce with the pasta. Hyvää ruokahalua! 🙂

Unknown IMG_3725 IMG_3722

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