Fifth meeting! Delicious Korean food!


Our fifth meeting was last Tuesday at Venla’s place, but it was hosted by our lovely Korean girl Sohee. She made us some Korean food, and it was really delicious although I didn’t take the main ingredient which was the hot sauce 😀 I like food which is little spicy, but I can’t handle too hot food. But it was good without sauce, too 🙂

DSC_0709 DSC_0710

Then our Germany girl Bianca surprised us and give us Haribo candy and some traditional German Christmas “sweet bread” which tasted little bit of gingerbread, and they were really good.

After eating and eating and eating (:D) Sohee showed us some Korean game, where also had to play rock, paper, scissors game. Sohee taught us how to say rock, paper, scissors in Korean and Sofia and Pao taught how to say those in Spanish. We also told how to say it in Finnish. Then we played the game, and the rule was that you have to say rock, paper, scissors in some other language than your mother language. It was fun!

Today, we are going to Sofia’s place, where we have this Mexican night. We celebrate like this “day for the death people” , Dia de los muertos, which is very important in Mexico. I’m very excited!! I’ll let you know what happens there, adiós!



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