German-Finnish snacktime and how to rent a flat in Polish

The third German-Finnish meeting with Lisa on 7th October was at her place where we discussed the Aurora borealis and some general things that were in our minds, listened to German music and ate some sour cream dip (Sauerrahm) with veggies. I should learn from Lisa the way she always keeps writing everything down really effectively (like a prima student!) since I’m getting forgetful of what I learnt…. Some new words were:

  • Rührei = omelette
  • schlau = clever
  • Ich bevorzuge… = I prefer…
  • Wird getauft… = Will be baptized..

And a new word for both of us was: Igelwalze, which is a spike roller…. looks a bit like hedgehog though, which we were actually talking about. 😀


For our third meeting with Krystian and Finnish-Polish our topic was how to call someone to rent a flat in Polish. I could remember some of the words related to the theme, but this was a really good chance to actually go the situation through together and build proper sentences.

  • Dzwonię w sprawie pani/pana ogłoszenia. = I’m calling regarding Your advertisement.
  • Dzwonię ponieważ chciałbym wynająć mieszkanie. = I’m calling because I would like to rent the appartment. How much does it cost?
  • Czy można obejrzeć mieszkanie/pokój? = Could I see the appartment/room?
  • Ile kosztuje wynającie za dzień ?/za miesiąc? = How much is the rent per day/per month?
  • Czy jest ogrzewanie zawarte? = Is heating included?
  • Na którym pietrze? =  
  • Opłaty = expenses


Bardzo podoba mi się polski! 

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