Improtheater und gitterkartoffel

On 24th September we had our second German-Finnish meeting  with Lisa and to make it even more multicultural, we went to the Irish pub OConnell’s and enjoyed the improv show. Before the show we had some time to talk and go through words that I didn’t quite remember in German, for example:

  • sprichwort = proverb
  • der Entwurf = draft/first try
  • Kaffee schütten = pour coffee
  • Blumen gießen = water flowers
  • vergeben = to be taken (relationship)
  • Ich vergebe dir! = I forgive you!
OConnells getting ready for October
OConnells getting ready for October

In our second meeting with Krystian I taught him some basics of Finnish which was also good chance for me to bring back some forgotten Polish. In our short session in Solu with some hot beverages we talked about how to order a beer and also how to count in Finnish. Hopefully some of this will stuck and Krystian can use this knowledge also in real life… For the next time we discussed to have the lesson mainly in Polish to be better concentrated in one language at a time. (also because our levels are still different)

Some basic pub language…


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