Kahvilassa/At the café/Im Cáfe/En la cafetería

We had our 4th meeting on 22 of October. Because we had some problems with finding the suitable time for our meeting, we decided to split our group for two different days. Others met on Wednesday and the rest of us on Thursday.
We met at the Pala-Café, which is located in Siperia Finlayson, with Jenna, Chrystal and Sofia and we had our own little meeting. I made some exercises for us and we learned how to communicate when you are at the café. For example how you order coffee and so on.

Like this:
1. Saisinko espresson/mustan kahvin/maitokahvin?
2. An espresso/a black coffee/a white coffee, please.
3. Ich hätte gern einen Espresso/einen schwarzen Kaffee/einen Kaffee mit Milch, bitte.
4. Un café exprés/un café solo/un café con leche, por favor.

We also played some hangman/ahorcado and had so much fun with it.



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