Coffee House vibes – 2nd meeting

Since Tampere is full of cozy coffee places and café’s we decided to meet in one. Since our group could meet only later in the evening Coffee House in Keskustori was a great option.

Our order included caramel latte with whipped cream, a regular latte, tea and a huge cheesecake muffin. We learned the names of these items – not forgetting chocolate sprinkles! The theme of the meeting was to learn café vocabulary and some simple ways to make an order. In addition we discussed about café culture in our home countries and what would be a typical order for a Finn, German and a South-Korean. Another subject of discussion was traditional dishes, for example karjalanpiirakka (Karelian pie) in Finland, and if different parts of our home countries have differences in food.

On this meeting we made notes and helped one another to spell the words. This method was helpful for example in understanding the complexities of compound words in Finnish. The night was a success and I even learned how to ask my German friend if he fancies a cup of coffee – Hast du Lust auf einen Kaffee?


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