Dia de los muertos, 6th meeting!


Yesterday was our 6th meeting, and we were at Sofia’s place in Lukonmäki. We celebrated “Dia de los muertos”, which is very important in Mexico. First Sofia and Paola give us this paper where was skull, and our task was color it 🙂


Then we had this “althar”, where had to be all four elements. The sweet pastries were ‘earth’, class of water was ‘water’, candles were ‘fire’ and the paper was ‘air’ because it’s so light. Usually in Mexico they have pictures of their relatives, but no we didn’t have any. Sofia and Pao also made this “candle road”, which is normally made by flowers but because we are in Finland and there is no flowers anymore outside, they made it from candles. There was really warm and cosy there 🙂



It was really interesting and nice to learn something new from some other culture. We also played one “word” game and then just talk to each others 🙂 Thank you very much Sofia and Paola again!

Hasta luego,


2 thoughts on “Dia de los muertos, 6th meeting!

    1. Yes, it was really interesting! Maybe you have to go to Mexico next November when they have Dia de los muertos! 😉

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