Something about Halloween

Our 6th meeting was in the public library last wednesday (28.10). Because the Halloween is coming soon, we talked about this event.


German people like to celebrate this, they wear costumes and kids go to door to door and ask candies.
–> Es ist üblich Halloween in Deutschland zu feiern.
Kinder gehen von Tür zu Tür und rufen süßes oder saures.

They like decorating the stores and the most common costume is the witch in Germany. On the other hand, Hungarian people don’t really prefer to Halloween. There are some party at night, and few people wear costume, but not too much.

Halloween ist nicht so verbreitet in Ungarn.


Freidhof temető graveyard
Kranz koszorú choplet
Blumenstrauß virágcsokor boquet
Kerze gyertya kendle
Kürbis tök pumpkin
Gesicht arc face
Hexe boszorkány witch
feier ünnepelni celebrate
Kostüm jelmez costume
Maske maszk mask
fruchter ijesztegetni frightening
Geist szellem ghost

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