Ételek és italok

Today (7.11) we met in RAX. Elmentünk a RAXbe.

Sokfajeta étel volt, mint például pizza, las fagy.

What is your favorite food? Mi a kedrenc ételed?
Eszter: Rips with onion potatoes Sült oldlas hagymás krumplival
Erika: Ragout soup with tarragon Tárkonyos raguleves



In Germany we have a common special soft drink: “Spezi” / “Mezzo-Mix”. It is a mix of Cola and orange soda. It taste really great. It is only available in Austria, Switzerland and Finland, but it is not common in other countries.

A special Hungarian ital is pálinka (= plum liqueur; = Pflaumenlikör).


A typical Hungarian desszert is Somlói Galuska. It mostly consists of beaten egg whites, sugar, rum, custard and flour.

A typical German Nachspeise is Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cake). Main ingredients are whipped cream, chocolate, flour and cherry.

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