Sixth meetings : Food Party!!

On 30th Oct, Friday we had a sixth meetings in Daxue’s home. Because we were supposed to have a pre-halloween&food party 😀

I and Jiyoon are flatmate and we had no time to cook foods on Friday because of our class. So on thursday, we cooked Korean dishe “Japchae” and “Egg rolls” in advance. Japcahe is the food that stir-fried noodles and vegetables. And we usually eat this dish especially when we celebrate things or day as well as normal days.

So, when we went to Daxue’s home with our foods, Maria made cake for dessert, Huiyu made dish with potato and chicken (I can’t remeber the name of food ㅠㅠ) and Daxue made spanish dishe and salads. And Yen bui brought drinks instead of us.  Actually, the food was really nice!!! Delicious!! I really enjoyed the meals, I think the member of our eoto were really good cook.


After meal, Daxue did make up for Halloween party by Maria. It was so funny, so we took a lot of pictures.


Ah, and this day, the costume of Maria was Alice!! I have never seen such a pretty Alice 🙂

It was really nice and interesting time ^^ Let’s also have a good time next meetings!!

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