World Cafe

It have been a while we did not meet each other. As we are busy with university works and different activities. Evgeniia, Martina and me visited a finnish cafe in the city center. It was really cozy and relaxing place.The cake was so tasty.  Meanwhile, enjoying a piece of Finnish pastry and a good cup of coffee, we were discussing about the culture shock we have in Finland and How the culture different than where we are from.

Even Finland and Austria are belonging to Western Europe, the norms and belief are so different. For example, Austrian are more care about title of a person; Finnish are more on the side of equality. It is interesting to see different norms in different society.

It’s the different, make our world a better place. 12191753_10206775253571281_1344699709590666494_n

I am looking forward for the next meeting. 🙂

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