Finnish delicacies – 4th meeting

On the 4th EOTO meeting we decided to meet at my place and that I would be serving some Finnish delicacies. The food I decided to share with my group that night are not usually served at the same time but, as I like the idea of culinary mix and match, thought I would give it a try. Often at Finnish parties people bring food with them and the result is often a delicious mash up of different flavors. The menu of that night:

Karelian pie (karjalanpiirakka) with egg butter (munavoi)
Luostari-cheese with fig and orange preserveMini rye bread crisps with cold smoked salmon flavored cream cheese
Jam filled doughnut (hillomunkki)

The food was much liked and I taught the names of the dishes for my fellow group members. Additionally we practiced some Finnish greetings.


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