Meeting 4 – Ilves hockey

Dear all,

the fourth meeting had a very special character from the beginning on. This was due to the fact that we joined the ESN student network together with 30 Erasmus students to visit a hockey match of the local club Ilves on the 9th of October. Our EOTO group got together at the stadium and we started with casual conversations about our experiences in Tampere. As the game started, we quickly realized that today’s session would deal a lot with typical sayings instead of learning vocabulary and expressions which are common in everyday use. Oscar told us several typical sayings related to sports as well as common typical stadium cheerings. Furthermore he described the passion with which Mexican sports fans follow their teams. This was completely new to me as Mexican sports do not appear in any European media. In return, I was explaining European sports culture to him and provided him with several vocabulary from the German football fan culture.

Because of the different climate circumstances, ice hockey does not really exist in Mexico, which is why our conversations and learning focused on other sports. Still, the atmosphere at the stadium was really nice and the game was thrilling. This led to an exciting atmosphere around the meeting.


Some words I learned:

hockey sobre hielo – ice hockey

chequeo corporal – body check

aficionados – fans

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