Meeting #7

Meeting 7: Miami Club 30.10.2015

Dear all,
For the next meeting we decided to party together. During the year abroad, partying is a very important part and already during the first exchange parties we visited, it became obvious that everybody is partying in a different way. This is why we decided to go to the Miami club together. Starting with some pre-drinking in our room, we tried to repeat some things we learned during the last meetings. After that we went to the Miami club together where we talked about different things which are important when partying in the home countries.

miami club

During this meeting, we had a lot of fun and learned a lot about the other ones traditions and culture of going to a night club.

Here are some things I have learned:

Party- la fiesta
Alcohol- el alcohol
Dancing- bailar
Music- la musica
Night club- club nocturne
Having fun- pasarselo bien

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