The last two… three meetings!

I’ll write all entries from Tuesday until today in this one entry so I won’t spam the front page with unnecessarily many entries…

On Tuesday, two students were still feeling unsure about how to form sentences using other pronouns than “I”. So, first we took a look at the grammar. How can we know what ending the verb gets when we say “she does something”, or “they do something”? Not all verbs are regular so the word could change more than just by one letter, but a good start is to know the letters which indicate who is doing something. We made a list minä, sinä, hän/se, me, te, he and I gave the students two verbs which they had to conjugate; asua (live) and nauraa (laugh), which are both regular. They managed very well and got them right almost perfectly on the first try. Then we moved on to negative sentences. Now it was their time to try and form sentences saying pronoun + not sing. This went well, too. Lastly we went through question words kuka, mikä, mitä, kuinka, milloin etc. The whole class was very informative for me too as a teacher, because it made me pay closer attention to Finnish grammar. It’s nice to learn as I teach!

On Wednesday it was time to teach Finnish again, but now to some of the people who couldn’t make it on Tuesday. We went through exactly the same things as the day before, but had maybe a bit more examples for each case. For the last 10 minutes we had a discussion about things the students were curious about regarding Finnish culture. There were questions to which I wasn’t sure of how to answer to, for example “Why don’t mothers have to pay the bus fee if they ride the bus with a baby stroller?”. I thought it had something to do with safety, and I asked this afterwards from my parents. They replied that it’s hazardous for the mothers to try and go pay while there are people coming towards them from the opposite direction in the bus. One student also asked if second hand shops are popular in Finland, to which I answered that yes they are, probably because people like all things “eco” in Finland and from 2nd hand stores you can actually find pretty cute stuff for a low price.

Aaand today we had a Finnish class again! Yes. Our group is actually quite big. Today people who couldn’t attend on Wednesday came. We tackled a new chapter from the Finnish textbook I introduced in my previous post. Topics like genitive (Pedro’s -> Pedron), how to say IN English/Finnish etc. (englanniKSI, suomeKSI), and the verb paistaa, which is one of these kuusi palaa-verbs (picture below, you’ll know what I mean). What is the difference between aurinko paistaa and Daxue paistaa kanaa? Finally we wrote down the names of months and learnt how to say “My birthday is in (month X)”.


Technically I’m done with EOTO now because I have enough blog entries, but I think some people still want to learn Finnish so my duty as a teacher is not over yet. Furthermore, tomorrow is our “closing party” in a similar manner as our Halloween party, we all make food and enjoy it in a relaxing atmosphere, maybe learn a new word or two.

EOTO was a fun ride once again. This time I feel like I took way more responsibility about it though. I also realized that I’m not really a fun teacher, haha… I’m strict in a way, actually. I genuinely want to see my students learn. I try to teach them using techniques that have worked for me. I try to make them think by themselves as much as possible. Giving all the answers on a plate doesn’t contribute to learning…

Thank you EOTO! It was a nice last class of my TAMK life! 🙂

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