10th meeting: pre- Christmas Party :)


So we had our final EOTO- meeting at the first day of snow in Tampere! 🙂 Antti suggested to meet up at his place, instead of going to the bar. I was actually quite glad that the suggested to have a kind of pre- Christmas Party at his house, and once again, his lovely girlfriend joined us for this occasion 🙂 They both baked some ginger bread, Lisa made some vanilla crescents and I brought some muffins and a bottle of Prosecco to drink to our last meeting. Antti and Ninja have never tried vanilla crescents before, but it is so common to eat them around christmas time in Germany and Austria. It was also my first time trying Glögi, and I have to admit, I really really like it! 🙂 Each ginger bread piece our hosts made tonight was adorable, and of course I had to grab the one, which had the shape of “Little My” (Moomin) when I had the chance! It was delicious! All in all, it was indeed another great cultural exchange!

IMG_3781 IMG_3778 IMG_3777 IMG_3782IMG_3784

This evening also turned out to be an exciting board-game night, since Antti has a great collection of board-games at home. Just like all the other meetings we’ve had before, we tried to learn something as well 😉 So whenever we had to move our game figures and count their steps, me and Lisa would count in Finnish, while Antti and Ninja had to count in German.

IMG_3780 IMG_3786 IMG_3790

We didn’t talk about any topics in particular during our last meeting, but simply enjoyed each others company. Even though it’s our last EOTO meeting, we agreed on that we will continue to see each other … just not in the context of this course. It was a lot of fun, I learned a lot, and most importantly … I made some new friends through this project.

Kiitos EOTO! Kiitos Antti, Ninja and Lisa! 🙂 Thanks for these memories <3 …


2 thoughts on “10th meeting: pre- Christmas Party :)

    1. Yes, it was indeed a wonderful experience! 🙂
      I’m really glad that I enrolled in this course 😀

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