Meeting 5 – Non me gusta la comida aquí!

Dear friends,

For our 5th EOTO meeting we gathered up at one of Tampere’s famous Pancho Villa restaurants. Topics of this meeting were the typical food cultures in Mexico and Germany. Thereby, I quickly realized that Germany’s food culture is rather simple and by far not as diverse as the Mexican one. Apparently the stereotypes are true and we are only famous for Oktoberfest-related, Bavarian food. However, Oscar’s description of his native food culture made me looking forward to the food we ordered. Unfortunately I was heavily disappointed. My food was a catastrophe, which had bad effects on my mood…

Surely not the best meeting in my opinion, but it was effective in ters of learning.

Still, we used the meeting and exchanged a lot of food vocabulary. Find some examples below:

Sausage – salchicha

French fries – patatas fritas

Spare ribs – costillares

Typical Mexican dishes that were mentioned:

Pozole, chiles en nogada, pechuga adobada and of course tacos 😀

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