Dia De Muertos

In the start of november (as usual, a bit late with my posts..) we met to celebrate Day of the Dead, which is a mexican holiday that focuses on remembering those already deceased.

Sofia and Paola had prepaired a lovely evening for us. We made a makesift altar from pastries, water, candles and paper. Those are meant to represent the four elements. Normally there is flowers, but Finland in november isn’t the best place to get fresh, beautiful flowers. At the same time, Paola had (yet again) showed her great skills, and made us these beautiful skulls to colour in.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere was great; we drank some hot cocoa, sat around our cozy, candlelit “altar”, and talked about the Day of the Dead, which was a new thing for me. This was interesting for me, since I am really interested about the cultural side of things and learning as much about other countries as I can.

For the language learning part, we played a  game.  A person has to say a word, and the next person has to say a word that starts with the last letter of that word. Easy to play, hard to explain. I think it was a nice way of learning new vocabulary- both spanish and finnish. For me it was really kind of hard to find spanish words to say. I did recognize many of the spanish words thrown around though, so once again, baby steps.



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