Meeting #5 Dutch cuisine

Date: Sunday, 4th October 2015

Today, our second cooking meeting took place. After I prepared a traditional Swiss dish two weeks ago, It was now up to Luuk to introduce me a Dutch dish.

Even I thought about Holland, I always associated the country with football, tulips and maybe the windmills. I have to admit, that I have never heard about a special or popular dish from the Netherlands. That’s why I was very excited to eat something like that for the first time. In fact, there are not that many typical dishes from Holland like maybe somewhere else. But Luuk still knew some and decided to prepare a dish called “stamppot”.

This dish consists of a sausage, potatoes, onions, milk, butter, bacon and kale or boerenkool how it is called in Holland. I have never seen or even heard this unique cabbage before.

Anyway, Luuk cooked the potatoes and this kale, and fried the bacon and the onions and the same time. He merged then all those ingredients with some milk and butter together. It looked like well-done spinach, what Luuk topped then with a tasty, smoked sausage.


Maybe it was because I really like to eat vegetables, but I was very surprised about the taste of this cabbage/potatoes/onion/bacon- mix! I really liked it!

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