18.11 finnish class

we met in the library but there was no seats. So we studied near cafeteria.

And this time, Maria helped to prepare our finnish exam.

So, this time we learned finnish.

This time, we learned -kin (do I), ex) minä harrastan tanssia. Niin minäkin.

And some words.

-pallo : ball

-mansikka – strawberry

Negative sentence.

-minä en laula
-sinä et laula
-hän ei laula
-me emme laula
-te ette laula
-he eivät laula.

And some question words.

mistä sinä tulet
Millainen sää tänään on?


And we asked some finnish culture.

The mothers with baby don’t have to pay to get on bus?

where I can take a taxi?

like that.

It is quite different my country.



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