Little cow Sonia

On today’s session (12th Nov) we went through some of Krystian’s Finnish homework. He had some questions about the correct answers so we discussed them a little.

Finnish homework

The main focus on this session was on Polish since last time we concentrated in Finnish and noticed this was more effective way to learn, given our different levels in these languages. I brought a children’s book that I once bought in Poland and had been trying to translate, but didn’t remember or know all the words/sayings in the book.

Krówka Sonia

I learnt some nice new words of animals, new verbs relating to ‘animal actions’ and it was also a good chance to rehearse my fading pronunciation. I think it was also a good chance for Krystian to learn about how to explain his language better to a foreigner. After this session I downloaded an app called ‘Memrise’ which also has a ‘Polish for foreigners (advanced level)’. It is really an addictive app and helps me to learn at least 5 min Polish each day. I didn’t feel like an ‘advanced level’ learner at the beginning but the app is quite good at teaching and really easy to follow and learn. Check it out! 

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