Christmas preparation / Weihnachtsvorbereitung

What other topic would we have like christmas. Already everywhere we can see christmas decorations, especially in the city center. So we though we should bake some cookies, that with these we can start to feel christmas is coming. Christina had got a recipe to a tipical german christmas cookie, Zimtsterne (in english: cinnamon stars).

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It was really delicious, maybe I will cook to my friends at home in Hungary as well. We talked while eating about the habits at christmas in Germany and in Hungary. These are almost the same, for example they also light the candles on advent wreath (Adventkranz). This celebration is also really important for them and many of them go to the church in this time. They put some christmas ornaments (Weihnachsschmuck) on the tree as we. The childrens are really excited on 6th of december because of the santa claus (heiligen Nikolaus) and on 24th of december because of the Christkind. In this holiday the families spend all time together and visit each other if somebody live on another place. On the christmas eve every each family have a dinner together. The habits are to cook then some sausages with potatoes salat (Würstchen mit Kartoffelnsalat) or roast goose (Gänsebraten).

The hungarian people has got also some special christmas cookies, for example: bejgli, zserbó and mézeskalács (in german: Lebkuchen). The alst one is pretty similiar than we baked.

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