International Pub Quizz

This week’s wednesday we decided to join our forces once again with Lisa and Krystian and meet at O’Connels for some Finnish-English pub quiz. It was a great chance for them to learn some extra (maybe challenging) Finnish since all of the questions and answers were presented in both of the languages. We also tried to speak together German again, but because of all the noise and due to the fact that in our group there were people not speaking German, this time it was not so much learning in this aspect.

After the quiz we moved the party to Mallashovi where I had a chat with Krystian in Polish about life and beyond… or at least that’s what I tried!! I noticed I still remember the words quite OK but I’m terribly lacking wide enough scale of words to actually talk about everything that is in my mind. Krystian also talks quite fast (like normal natives do!) so that creates an extra challenge! However, I hope next time we can also use more Polish like this. Oh yeah, one more nice thing was that he had a Polish friend joining us and I enjoyed listening to them speak, even though it was quite fast to actually understand everything!



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