Meeting #10

Meeting 10: Cooking together 20.11.2015

Dear all,
For our next meeting we decided to cook together. We met at Oscar’s place with our group and first of all thought about different meals we could cook. After we decided for one of each nation, we went to the supermarket together to search for the different ingredients. Already during this, we explained to Oscar how the different things are called in German. After that, we went back to Oscar’s place to start with our cooking. Oscar prepared something which is typical for Mexico, called “Fajita” and I guess everybody of us tasted it already.


Then it was time for the Germans, to prepare their Applepie. It took a bit of time, but in the end it tasted delicious.


During our meeting, we discussed different things, for example other traditional food in our home countries. In addition, we talked about the importance of eating and cooking together with the family and noticed that it is in both countries quite important to have dinner together with the whole family. All in all one can say that this was again a very interesting meeting. Everybody had fun and all the things we prepared tasted very good.

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