Quality Finnish Forest time

On this session (14th October) we wandered together to the magnificent autumn colored Kauppi-forest. Theme was first to talk about the cultural/industrial meaning of forest in Finland and to get to know some Finnish basic words like;

  • forest = metsä = las
  • wood/tree = puu = drewno/drzewo
  • spruce = kuusi = świerk
  • pine = mänty = sosna
  • wet = märkä = mokry
  • autumn = syksy = jesień

I also terribly wanted to teach Krystian the meaning of ‘kuusi palaa’ but I’m afraid even I didn’t remember all the meanings!

Kuusi palaa. The 9 meanings of this in Finnish.

I also don’t know if it is true in Finnish since I’m a native, but I have heard comments about this (see the picture below found from Pinterest) This is also certainly how it feels like to me when I’m trying to learn a new hard Polish word!!


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