Tenth meeting

We have our tenth meeting on Wednesday afternoon, this time we continue to learn Finnish, today we give more attention to time-kellonaika, now let me show you what I learn from class.

Yksi       1 o’clock                     kaksi          2 o’clock

Kolme     3 o’clock                     ivelja          4 o’clock

Viisi       5 o’clock                     kuusi          6 o’clock

Seitseman  7 o’clock                    kahdeksan      8 o’clock

Yudeksan   9 o’clock                    kymmenen     10 o’clock

Yksitoista  11 o’clock                    kaksitoista      12 o’clock


Mita kello on? What time is now?

Kello on tasan yksi. One o’clock

Kello on puoli kolme, three o’clock past 30min

Kello on kahdeksan yli kymmenen. ten o’clock past 8min

Kello on kaksi vaille yhdeksan. two o’clock to nine

Vuosi year/kuukausi month/viikki week/paiva day/tunti hour/minuutti minute/sekunti second.


Maanantai Monday/Fiistai Tuesday/Keskiviikko Wednesday/Torstai Thursday/Perjantai Friday/Lauantai  Saturday/Sunnuntai  Sunday.


Kenen vieressa sina intut? Who sit next to you?

Kenen kanssa sina asut? Who live with you?

Milloin kurssi alkaa? When does class begin?

Million sinun suomen kurssi coppuu? When do your Finnish class end?


Maybe it’s the last time I learning Finnish, I mean in class, cause I have finished my class, but I will study by myself, and now I have some basic knowledge of Finnish, for instance, the structure of sentence,,, Maria also says that can join the class when if I want. So I’d like take it when I’m free.


After this class, I got a lot, for one thing, now I have a big interest in Finnish and Japanese, and I plan to learn it well. Then, though this course I meet many guys from different background and have varies culture, opening my eyes. In addition, we have food party, I had tried many authentic food.

I really like this course.

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