8th meeting: True Finns

On Thursday Sora, Alexandre, Jaana, Sabrina and me met at O’Connel’s bar to listen to the weekly lifeshow which was very funny. This week it was called “True Finns”.  In this show two stand up comedians told their jokes and played with others in an impro theater afterwards.

One of the speakers was American and the other was a Finn. As it was Thanksgiving yesterday they started with a few jokes about what Americans do when it is Thanksgiving. The answer was quite easy: They eat too much and meet family members they don’t want to meet usually.

After that they talked about finnish pikku joulu which means little christmas.
This little christmas celebration is organized by friends, companies, associations and so on. They talked about the ten things you should not do on pikku joulu. It was really funny 🙂

After that they were asking for funny words that were related to pikku joulu and looked for hashtags on Twitter. They made a improtheater out of these words with three others which was really, really amusing.It was a really funny evening  at O’Connel’s and I was glad to learn so much about finnish (and american ;)) culture. It would be great to visit the show at this bar again or to take part in a real pikkujoulu 🙂


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