Mennään museoon!

The most recent (and the last meeting for me) took place in Vapriikki Museum last Tuesday (24/11). Despite having lived in Tampere for a little more than 2 years, it is a shame to say that I have not been to Vapriikki before. So, I’m glad that we chose it to be our meeting place to learn about Tampere and all things Finnish!

Photo from Museokompassi

Student price, 4€. Free entrance on Fridays from 3–6pm. You can also get a free entry coupon from Opiskelijan Tampere. (Found this with a google search, definitely not paid by anyone to promote it.)

There are plenty of exhibitions to explore once you are in Vapriikki. Because we only managed to gather at 5pm, we had one hour to take a tour of the whole place. I would definitely like to visit there again and take a few more hours just to have closer look at everything.

We went through the history of how Tampere was formed and flourished in the Industrial Era until it became what it is now. I like how they presented the stories in comic style and also some of the objects of the past seems more interesting-looking than their modern counterparts. We also explored the Tampere 1918 (civil war) exhibition which I find it a pity that there is very little English descriptions in this exhibition. Nevertheless, I’m still impressed by the setting of the exhibition. I felt a little tensed walking through it, as if I was experiencing the war rather closely.

Apart from that, we spent some time at the art exhibition “Six Artists on Tammerkoski”, the Natural History Museum as well as the Mineral (Rock) museum. But time ran out before we could explore the rest of the exhibitions in Vapriikki. Well, more to see the next time!

It was a nice meeting once again, but it is also my last one with my group, as I will be away from Finland in December. Three months was really a short time to learn everyone’s language and culture because we started off as a big group and tried to make it work for everybody, despite our busy schedules. Still, I have definitely gained new knowledge and new friends, as well as trying to be a little better in Spanish and Finnish.

For my last meeting, I received a very pretty Mexican pouch as a gift from Paola, to which it still warms my heart thinking about it.

Muchas gracias, Paola y Sofia! Paljon kiitoksia to my Finnish friends, Ani, Jenna, Emilia and Venla, who have also taught me more about Finnish language and culture. Last but not least, Sohee, Bianca and Julius, it was a great pleasure to have participated in this course together and learn from each other. 감사합니다! Danke schön!

Hasta luego! Nähdään!

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