Slovenian night

On our sixth meeting I was the teacher. I cooked some food that was a family recipe of mine, and I introduced them to our culture and some of the differences.

DSC_0113 DSC_0115

We ate a musaka with pumpkin oil salad and a popular drink Cedevita. I also talked a bit about our culture and we learned a few phrases:

  • Hello – Zdravo.
  • Cheers – Na zdravje.
  • How are you? – Kako si?
  • Thank you – Hvala.
  • Coffee – Kava.

We had some difficulties with the sounds again, because Vietnamese and Finnish does not have the č, š and ž, but I found examples of the sounds in the English language and that made it a lot easier. The food was a success, too, so all in all it was a good teaching experience.

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