Winter sports

The last meeting was yesterday, which was about the winter sport (Wintersport – téli sportok). First of all we were taliking about the skiing, because this is the most common winter sport in the world (I guess). I am not sure, because for exaple in Hungary the snowboard is getting be more popular, than skiing. I think it depends on the ages, because the junger people like more the snowboard, but the older generations prefer the skiing (Ski fahren – síelés). The german people usually goes to skiing 1-2 times annually. They can go to abroad, but they have opportunities stay in Germany as well, and to try the slope of the german mountains.



Ice skating is not so common sport in Germany and in Hungary as well. Sometimes the youth goes to ice skating (Schlittschlaufen – jégkorizni) in the wintertime, but not so often.  One of the favorite children playings in winter is the sledding (Schlittel fahren – szánkózás). It is pretty common in Germany and in Hungary as well. Just it depens on the weather, because in recent years unfortunately there was not so much snow, therefore we could not do this.


Ice hockey is quite popular sport in Hungary, we have got some skillfull group, which have got some really good results during the championships. In Germany it is also important, but not as much as by us. But we are in Finland now, and we already know that the ice hockey is how important to finnish people. Usually the guys or men are interested in this sport and the girls or women are interested in the figure skating (Eiskunstlaufen – jégtánc).

20151009_202009 mukorcsolya


Snowball fight – Schneeballschlacht – hógolyózás. It is very similar than the sledding in the habits. And the snowman built – Schneemann bauen . hóember építés. Everybody did this in childhood, I guess.


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