Baking the Monks

The last meeting we decided to do something totally different: to bake Munkki’s (which in Finnish can be translated either to monks or doughnuts) This idea came from Lisa and even though we all knew it was more of a first of May (Vappu) tradition, since both Krystian and Lisa would not be here during that time and cause everyone gets tired at christmas treats, gingerbread and such somewhere during December, this is what we ended up baking.

Lisa on action

And by ‘we’ I mean Lisa baked the dough (taikina, der Teig) and I formed some awesome looking triangle doughnuts and Krysian came later and together we ate them. Since this was a Finnish themed evening in a real Finnish house with Sauna (that’s how you can tell it was a real one), we mainly concentrated in Finnish and went through some cooking words and verbs. And as always, we also tried to keep the conversation also in German. I really like this free way of learning by doing or in this case, learning by talking and using the language in actual situations. All in all it was a really enjoyable evening!

Munkki’s ready!
Munkki recipe



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